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Medical Update!

Gee, I never updated this for a REALLY long time! Sorry!!

To make a long story extremely short, my shunt catheter was tied off on June 6, 2006. After 4 days in the ICU, of feeling lousy, things turnd a corner and I slowly got better. The summer was pretty rough. I tried to take it easy.

But I continue to have daily headaches to this day. I'm currently on Topamax, and we are slowly increasing the dosage (GP and I; the neurosurgeon is done with me, from his point of view I am a "successful" patient...uhm, ok).

Headaches are marginally less severe (6-7). Yay! I can function better, but things are definitely not optimal. "Optimal" would be to have no headaches at all, like things were before July of 2005.
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