Stephanie (sdsures) wrote,

Living life as a spoonie

I haven't posted on here in a loooong time, and reading other friends' posts had spurred me to the cause.

Writing - whether for academic torture... *polite cough* enrichment, or pure fanciful pleasure - has become my refuge. If I'm working on a research report, I'm a dedicated university student. If I'm writing in my RPG group, I can get out of my sick, painful body and into whichever of my characters I'm inhabiting.

For however long I get lost in whatever I happen to be writing, feeling like by body has completely betrayed my mind doesn't have to be the center of my universe.

What I like best about the RPG writing is that I can completely immerse myself in a character's life and become them, whatever they might do. That takes zero spoons, and that's the best part. My characters can walk without losing their balance, and they feel no pain unless it's part of the story. They can have unlimited numbers of spoons.

When I get up from the computer after writing a story, I'm not drained - I am refreshed. :-)
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